Sit, Shutup, & Read ;

Yo, Bro ! this is jessilyn tamonte.i have alot of things to tell yu. anywhoo, let's get started. well yu already knoe my name buht not my whole name; ^_^. buht yea yea. born in raised on Dededo, Guam. Oh WAT ? haha. i am mostly asian cause i'm filipino ! & proud. i've been breathing for 12 years and took my first breath on feb. 09 1996. i go to church at 0LQH ! Y00 KN0W! & the LORD comes first. then fam & frends i am currently taken by my one & only boo :) he is my everything. my bestfriend is Emilie. i love her to death. we see eachother at church. she is gorgeous and we hang wit eachother. wat else ? well..i'll say more later. i'm running out of ideas. x)